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St. Patrick Day

March 17th


The story goes like this...

Saint Patrick was born in Scotland in the late 4th century A.D. under
the name

Maewyn Succat. When he was 16 he was kidnapped and shipped as a slave to

Ireland where he spent 6 years as a shepherd. He escaped and returned to

after receiving a message in a dream that commanded him to do so.

He studied in monasteries in France and became priest first and then

Pope Saint Celestine sent him off to evangelize England and Ireland. The
latter he

effectively converted over 33 years of devoted mission. He is credited
with the

ejection of snakes off Ireland.

Besides being Ireland's patron, in present time his patronage includes the

archdioceses of Adelaide, and Melbourne, Australia; Auckland, New Zealand;

Cape Town, South Africa; Boston, and New York. Just to mention a few.

Nowadays, the story is slightly different. People around the world
celebrate St.

Patrick's on the 17th of March. Saint Patrick's Day is a day to enjoy
the most

precious gifts life has given to the human being: family, friends, and
of course,

green beer.

Numerous festivals and parades take place around the globe to
commemorate this

interesting day and show off everyone's Irish pride. Tradition requires
everyone to

dress up in green to avoid getting pinched.

Drinking green beer is
almost a ritual

and enjoying the day is a must.

Whether or not you have any Irish lineage in you. Do not hesitate about
taking part

of this unique celebration. Cheers!!!

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