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Danang Vietnam

South East Asia Pearl

Starting off as a port on the Han River, Danang was under French control after Vietnam was conquered. When the American troops landed, they worked with the Saigon government to build the city into a military, political and cultural centre. Industries flourished, resulting in the substitution by industrial zones of handicraft workshops, but after the war, refugees fled in the thousands and production stalled. Today the city is a bustling hub with colourful markets, temples, shops and open-air food stalls which prepare authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Nearby are three UNESCO heritage sites: Hue, ancient capital; Hoi An, ancient town; and My Son, a major acheological site offering glimpses into the unique Cham civilisation.

Take a trip out to the beautiful alluvial plains of Bai But, Bai Rang, Bai Bac, Bai Nom where you will feel lost in the wonder of nature. Don't miss a visit to the legendary Marble Mountains with natural grottoes and pagodas. One of the most memorable sites is the Han River bridge, a poetic symbol of new vitality and the developing desire of the city built with the contribution of the city's people.

Currency Vietnam Dong (VND)

Climate Tropical

Best time to visit Later in the year when it is cool

Unique festivals Tet/Vietnamese New Year (Jan/Feb), Thanh Minh, holiday of the dead (March)

Activities Sightseeing, sea sports, eating

Must visit Historical and heritage sites

Must try Pho (beef noodle soup)

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