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Iguazu Falls Hostels

South American Jungle Falls

Without a doubt the Iguazu Falls are among the most beautiful in the world. Found deep in the South American Jungles, the falls mark the borders of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.

The falls are 2.5 miles long and hold a vast collection of many living creatures; exotic spiders, butterflies, crocodiles and flora.

You can visit from either the Brazilian or Argentinian sides although it is recommended that you take the time to explore from both sides of the falls.

You can even view the falls by moonlight whenever there is a full moon. A traditional Argentinian mean will be served and then a walking tour will take you right out to the edge of the falls so you can experience the power of the waterfall. Visiting the falls can be done at any time during the year although there are longer opening hours during the summer months.

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