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For four days (Thurs 19 Feb-Sun 22 Feb-9:30-6:30) exhibitors from over 5000 companies and 152 countries will converge on Rho, Fieramilano for Italy's largest marketplace event for international tourism. Bit is the perfect exhibition to find your perfect holiday!

Bit offers exhibitors a fantastic opportunity to make contacts, share ideas and create a social network. In this time of economic crisis an exhibition such as Bit is perfect to give exhibitors a boost for their business by publicising their products, speaking directly to the general public and also a way to develop new systems that are more effective. This exhibition is also technologically innovative by using new media so exhibitors gain as much coverage as possible. Bit Channel is a video sharing initiative where exhibitors can display their travel solution on YouTube. This also invokes participation by the public in that they can then vote for their favourite video.

The hotel sector plays a huge part in the exhibition with a large representation of Italian independent hotels and international chains and resorts on show. Special features include the first Religious Tourism Workshop which will be held on Friday 20 February. Also featured is the 24th edition of BuyItaly; the biggest workshop for Italian tourism for Buyers and Sellers all over the world who represent Made in Italy tourism. And lastly CerticiBit which is a spotlight on tourism as exploration and knowledge of good eating and quality food and wine production.

City: Milan
Country: Italy
By: Info Hostels
Published on 16-Feb-2009
Section EVENTS
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Photo of Milan, no obvious soul, Milan

Milan, no obvious soul

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Photo of Ostello Bello, Milan

Ostello Bello

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Photo of Milano fashion, Milan

Milano fashion

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Fashion Week in Milan

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Italian Christmas Bread

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Photo of Milan's Fashion Week Fall 2011, Milan

Milan's Fashion Week Fall 2011

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Milan - Italian Capital of Fashion

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Exhibition: Mostra di Natale - Pittura e Gioielli d'Arte

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