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Krakow Philharmonic Concert

New Years Day

Every year from mid-Spetember until mid-June the Cracow Philharmonic Orchestra performs numerous concerts each month, and on the 1st of January they will be giving a concert to welcome in the new year of 2009.

The orchestra first played in 1909 but was finally established in 1945 during World War II as The Cracow Philharmonic Orchestra. At that time it was comprised of many Polish musicians who would otherwise have faced an untimely death in one of the concentration camps. It was after this time the orchestra was known as one of the very best in Europe and today still holds true to this title.

Both the orchestra and choir will bring music to your ears from 5pm at The Philharmonic Hall and with such an impressive history of classical music, this will be an evening out that will definitely be worth checking out!

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