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The city of arts and delights

Vienna is the city where arts and delights go hand in hand, the city where you can admire the classical architecture at every corner of the city. Many regard the Palaces of Vienna as the most beautiful in the world! Situated on both sides of the beautiful Danube river, Vienna is the largest city in Austria and also its political centre.

But what else? Culture! Being famous for great classical composers like Mozert, Beethoven, Schubert and Strauss, the city is a natural cultural centre, with focus on classical music, opera, theatre and fine arts. And not to mention the balls! Historically, during Fasching (celebrated by Catholic Bavaria and Austria) the lower class were allowed to wear costumes and masks to mimic aristocracy and heads of church and state without being punished for mockery. Over time, this liberty got a little out of hand, and when Empress Maria Theresia (1717-1780) at one point declared that masks no longer would be allowed in the streets, the parties moved indoors and the beginning of the masked balls were born! The main ball season is from New Years Eve, with the great New Years Eve Imperial Ball, to the Opera Ball in February, but you can find balls in Vienna at all time.

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City: Vienna
Country: Austria
By: magnus
Published on 10-Gen-2006
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