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Etna in Eruption

Discovery Catania - Sicily

Need an excuse to visit Catania? Kilometres of beautiful beaches .. Baroque architecture .. Roman and Greek ruins .. the liveliest nightlive in all of Sicily. If that isn't enough to tempt you then how about a major volcanic eruption?!

Mount Etna, the 3300 metre high volcano, has been erutping in continuation since May 13 and there are no signs yet of it stopping. The views of the volcano are most spectacular at night-time and the staff of Agorࠈostel are ready to organise everything for you. Already this summer hundreds of backpackers have booked to stay in the hostel to avail of the special prices for the Etna tour, including a fantastic night tour to see the glowing lava under the starry Sicilian sky.

The night tour returns around 23.00 (11pm). This is the hour in which thousands of Sicilians head out to party until 5 or 6 in the morning either in the city or on the beaches.

Catania is easy to reach by plane to Fontanarossa International Airport which is just 5km from the centre. Otherwise boats from Naples or trains from Milan and Rome link with Catania every day.

City: Catania
Country: Italy
Published on 19-Lug-2008
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