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Which places to avoid and why...

..all worted a visit

The least dangerous place on this list is Bagdad in Iraq. Years of War and dictatorship made this city a hell on earth. The days are filled with attacks, street fights and sexual crimes. It-s for the same reason you should avoid Mogadiscio in Somalia. Without an official government in place, the city is left in the hands of gangs. Last but not least, Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea which is known as one of the most violent cities on earth.

But violence is not the only reason to avoid some of this places. Environment can also make cities unlivable. For example in Oklahoma City in the Unites States there is a really high risk of tornados. Or to Yakutsk in Russia which experiences some of the coldest temperature in a city in the world.

Without speaking of Linfen in China, obscured by smog pollution. Or Dhaka in Bangladesh facing the same problem plus flooding.

Finally three other cities can be designed as unfrequentable. Bjumbura, Republic of Burundi for its corruption, Chernobyl in Ukrain for its emptyness 20 years after the nuclear explosion and Pyongyang in North Korea where a dictatureship controls all your actions.

So avoid these cities if you-re attached to your life and enjoy the millions of other extraordinary places on earth!!!

We also would like to suggest that every single place is worth a visit, so please feel free to travel anywhere around the world.

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