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Champions League Final Moscow

May 21 2008

The final of European club football's most prestigious competition will take place
in Moscow on Wednesday, May 21, at
the Luzhniki Stadium to decide the winner of the 2007-08 Champions League. Moscow
has never staged a European Cup final before,
making this the easternmost final in the tournament's history.

On 31 October in Moscow, the Final's new design was presented to public.In an
impressive ceremony at the GUM centre in Moscow's
Red Square, the 2007 champions, AC Milan, handed the UEFA Champions League trophy
back to UEFA's President, Michel Platini. He
then passed the trophy to the Mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov, for the city to keep
and display to the public until the final.

In recent years, the European Cup final has been given an identity of its own with a
unique logo, a design concept, and an overall theme.
The objective is to help promote the final and enhance the prestige of one of the
world's biggest sporting events. The initial idea that
inspired the creation of a new identity for each final was to develop a design with
a distinctive flavour of the host city.

City: Moscow
Country: Russia
Published on 06-Apr-2008
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