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Vibrant and eclectic Montevideo

Uruguay, rich cultural life watch youtube at
America's southernmost capital city is a rich melting pot of history and culture and one of the crowning jewels of the continent to which it belongs.

The Catedral Matriz entrance is free, the Uruguay's chief Roman Catholic church can trace its origins to the earliest days of Montevideo's history.

The Palacio Legislativo, Uruguay's legislative building, is not only an awesome physical structure but jam-packed with cultural treasures. Tourists benefit from free tours, making this an unmissable day out while in the city.

The vibrant and eclectic Montevideo's Plaza Independencia functions as a hub for many of Montevideo's most alluring attractions, including the underground mausoleum of national hero General Artigas, policed around the clock by a special guard.

Another of the sights situated in Plaza Independencia, Teatro Solis is the oldest theatre in Uruguay, and continues to offer a variety of musical, theatrical and operatic events today.

Originals and copies from a wide range of historical cultures are brought together in the Museum of Art History Muhar, such as genuine mummies from Ancient Egypt.

Uruguayan art works and a tranquil Japanese garden await you at the Museo de Bellas Artes Juan Manuel Blanes, and you don't have to pay a dime to experience them.

Come to Tristan Narvaja street on a Sunday and immerse yourself in a century-old street fair, the Feria de Tristan Narvaja . Browse a seemingly endless range of goods, but arrive early to avoid the crowds. There, you will discover a vibrant and eclectic Montevideo.

After all that sight-seeing you will have earned some down time at one of Montevideo's beaches.

The 'Rambla' refers to the walkway which skirts around the entire coast of Montevideo, serving as a place to relax, socialise and exercise for the local population.

Find peace and beauty in over thirteen hectares of nature at the Jardin Botanico.

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