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Photographs of an Unwritten Future

vernissage: 23rd February at 19:00

On Saturday, the 23rd of February in Krakow, photographer: Geo D. Oliver from The web site celebrates his 10 year anniversary with the release of his signature B&W print collection titled 'Photographs of an Unwritten Future'.

Geo's original picture perfect photography exhibition about backpackers & hostel travellers first arrived in Europe in 2003. It travelled under the name 'The Point of Travelling' & bounced around the hostel industry over the next 4 years with exhibitions in London, Dublin, Berlin, Barcelona, Rome, Naples, Munich, Wroclaw, Krakow, Sopot, Bruges, Ghent & Maasmechelen. When asked about his work, Geo replies:

'My original show had as many as 200 photographs! That was a lot work & very hard to organize. I believe our biggest show was 135 photographs at The Midas Touch in London. Now, the show is smaller & ready for commercial release with the best of the best images taking center stage. Plus, I like the new title (Photographs of an Unwritten Future) even better, because it represents my life as the photographer behind the images more than The Point of Travelling ever did.'

Photographs of an Unwritten Future

vernissage: 23rd February at 19:00


ul. Bozego Ciala 12

Kazimierz District

Krakow, Poland

This exhibition runs until the 28th of March 2008.

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