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Oslo, the best of Norway

Spoiled by Mother Nature

Once it gets colder and the winter comes, we somehow tend to go to winterland places, which can fully spoil our guts. The best for that would be Scandinavian countries, many think that Mother Nature has dove one of the finest works of art in Norway. In few words, this country is a once in a lifetime experience, the essence of its appeal is pretty simple, it's one of the most beautiful lands in the world. Norway is no doubt the queen of the Scandinavian countries, with it's natural beauty and vibrant cultural life, it's all about the modern mixed with centuries old traditions, design and architecture, famous all over the world. It's simple, very simple and beautiful, very beautiful.

Make no mistake, beauty costs, and so does Norway, it's one of the most expensive countries in the world, with high quality of life, but remember , what you are about to experience in here, Norway will pay you back every single cent spent many times over. The cities are cosmopolitan and very modern, no doubt, the best of the country's Oslo, which is also the capital, it's fringed with forests and hills, lakes and arts, all kind of arts. When a country is blessed with so much already made natural beauty, it seems , you don't have to try hard to live in, there are not much to try, but not in here, people are here are incredibly talented and motivated, artists, with world class galleries and museums, every single week there's some new exhibit to see.

Oslo is home to wonderful canvas and countless outdoor activities, you can go hiking, cycling, skiing, boating or whatever that involves two legs and great will. If all this is accompanied with thriving cafes and bar culture, top restaurants and super nightlife experience, what else is there you want to wish for?

Oslo's and Scandinavia's past in general reflected Viking times, one of the most visited is The Viking ship museum in the heart of Oslo, presenting Viking ship discoveries from Oseberg, Tune and Gokstad, some tombs found around the Oslo Fjord. You will be amazed by some of the best masterpieces of wooden Viking ships, built back in 9th Century. If you are more interested in discovering Viking past, you can visit them in Vestfold county,and learn more about the Scandinavian Vikings and their culture. The Viking Age that dates back in 800 AD was one of the most richest periods in Scandinavian history, being one of the world's greatest civilizations, talented and hard working people, they have kept their characteristics until nowadays.

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