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Lopburi monkey banquet

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So, we all know that Thailand is a world apart, having very different kind of traditions and life going on in there, but this is Big, they believe that if dogs have their days, why monkeys shouldn't have one ? So here it comes, last Sunday of November, the town of Lopburi celebrates and hosts its annual monkey banquet and festival to thank those cute animals, living in the town. Don't think its some kind of commercial or just a reason for humans to party, it's a true thank you note to macaque of this country. It started back in 1980's when a local business man organized a fruit buffet as a way of expressing gratitude for monkey whose presence brought in welcome tourist revenue to Lopburi.

With years, the event has grown even more, attracting thousands of locals and overseas tourists, a banquet where you will see a lot of monkey food and monkey of course. Unfortunately it has become very commercial and the food is not just about monkeys, many make money out of it, food has always played a big role in every festival in Thailand and this is not exceptional. You will experience masses of people and monkeys, strolling in between the food stalls and to feed the most hungry animals of all, humans :)

The monkeys of Lopburi mainly live around the ancient Khmer temple of Phra Prang Sam Yot and the famous shrine of Sarn Phra Karn, but don't be surprised to see them everywhere as tourists feed them non stop, they are no danger though, so be tranquil, no panic. Let's say they aren't shy and will come to you , while you are snacking, mind your bags though, they might get in there. It's definitely fun, the town of Lopburi has its nickname, Monkey Town.

So if you are prepared for a different kind of vacation, head to the Lopburi Monkey Banquet Festival , taking place on the last Sunday of November. There are four separate banquets at 10 ,12, 14 and 16 o'clock, but before they are opened, an official ceremony is held, just before the tables are set and the food are laid. Lopburi is located only 150 kilometers from Bangkok, so also a day trip is a great option, or stay overnight, do not miss the Monkey Town fun!

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