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Golden eagles of Scotland

Fascinating Edinburgh

Scotland is a place famous for lonely landscapes, whiskey and superb seafood, oh, and friendly citizens. Despite its small size , Scotland has many treasures to show off, one of the few places left on this lonely planet, where the wilderness is still seen and existing, golden eagles flying around and where the whales are living free in the coast of Mull. A place where mountains of the northern Highlands are seen from far away and where people are still good in their hearts, some kind of fabulous warmth of human, you will be surprised.

Scotland is occupying one third of England, it's so diverse though, with a very creative nation, that has build their strength on dynamism and aliveness. The country is blessed with great nature, let's say spoiled, dramatic landscapes and natural resources. The tourists are attracted of Scotland's uniqueness, rich history and enormous golf clubs. a land packed with brilliant monuments and spectacular heritage, especially now , 2015 is a year of Food and Drink in Scotland, pack your bags and get in here, a paradisiacal corner with great accommodation deals and inspiring ideas how to see the best of the country.

Glasgow is the largest city, Edinburgh is the capital, both very fascinating and visited, but it's up to you, which one is yours. Edinburg is literally begging you to discover it, the narrow lanes are inviting and the old town is exquisite. The city hosts some of the world class restaurants and pubs, ready every night for party, don't drink too much and on your way back home, mind the cobbled streets :) During the day time don't sleep in, get out and explore this amazing city, fresh food markets, selling a fish, mered hours after it was caught or a beef and venison that was raised just a few miles away , vegetables from local farmers, you will fall in love with the food, you can actually taste the Scotland , finally.

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