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Coffee farms of Panama

Unspoiled nature

Coffee farms, wildest forests and turquoise clear seas, Panama, it will open up your senses of wonder, there is no other like Panama, so unique, so special and familiar at the same time. Breath the smell of coffee beans in the early morning, right around the sunrise time, when farmers start their daily routine, which is nothing but breathtaking for an ordinary tourists like us.

Panam has two faces or even more, it can be chilled and calm and also thrilling and full of adventures, take whichever fancies the most. Tropical islands will fill up your adventurous needs and the priceless panoramas of unspoiled nature , the waters of Isla de Coiba for instance, will give you another sense of life and its values. It's a huge explosion of natural beauty dropped into daily life of Latin America's city, where tradition and beliefs are still highly respected and kept. It might be confusing and messy but it will definitely make you see the world in brand new ways.

Once you are in Panama, we suggest you to go where the wild parts are, towering waterfalls and some of the most biodiverse spots in the world, wilderness beach in Peninsula de Azuero and so much more, it's simple and wild. What about the summers, that seem to never end, chil Caribbean vibes is what you will get to enjoy, with a cocktail in your hand and a clear , relaxed mind, scuba diving opportunities with whale sharks and a paradise for surfers, willing to break some waves...Panama is more than a laid back place, paradisal views and great emotions, which will set you on a state of mind you never thought existed.

Panama is diverse and very multicultural, driven and unique, very sophisticated and edgy. Panama city is the capital and center of the country, considered as the most alive city in Central America. Its diversity is what attracts everyone the most, it can be the most vibrant metropolis and a getaway to tropical adventures at the same time, Panama City will be what you want it to be.

Cultural cocktail is nothing but spicy and fascinating, very open to everything and everyone. Traffic jams and chaos are part of city's charm, casinos and chic clubs, international banking and the finest restaurants, it's a place of contrasts, that makes it special and extremely attractive. Escape in Panama City is never too far, sandy beaches, wild rainforests or simple countryside, anything you like, Panama will serve you!

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