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Big Water of Miami

Magic land of Florida

Florida state has hundreds of worlds in it, a great mixture of cultures, landscapes and countries, all in will find kingdoms and capitals, wild wetlands and incredible power of nature all over. It's a world apart, a different reality or escape from reality, it's spooky and weird at the same time, crazy things have happened in here. The beaches are magnificent , with warm waters, soft sand and over all the feeling in here, it's time to let it all go, relax, take a deep breathe, a beachy getaway, swimming and enjoying sunsets and , yes, great seafood.

Miami is the second largest city in Florida, being the big shark of finance, commerce, culture, entertainment and the arts. Looking back in history, Miami was once home of the Tequesta Indians, until Europeans kicked in with their diseases, and the Spanish control was brought in Florida. Founded back in 1870, but only after 15 years built during Indian war, the city's name actually means in Indian Big Water, and so it is.

One of the world's leading year round resort centers, not to mention that Miami port is the world's largest cruise port and a major seaport. Miami is called also a Magic City, because it is, the sunsets, the models, the Lincoln Road, the beauty, beaches, the sky, there's something about the sky in here, the blood-orange fire of the sunset, almost scary. Very glamour in all possible ways, the fact that Latin America is here, makes it all more exotic, you will pass by bars where Latin is singing Metallica in Spanish, where people say buenas dias and where people seem happy, like really happy, it's just magic.

Not to mention the heat, Miami is hot, and I don't refer only to the weather, you will see hot humans passing by, one better than the other, I guess it's the competition that goes around. The nightlife is the best , with strong Latin influence, and they definitely know how to do Festas. Dance your night away, after a fancy meal in some of the hot restaurants, you might bump into some celebrity. By day, don't sleep indoors, go to the beach, have tanned and sleep in there, grab a delicious Cuban sandwich in famous Little Havana, stroll around, Miami is fun and it's mysterious, you never know where you might end up!

City: Miami
Country: USA
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Published on 16-Set-2015
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