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Rambla of Montevideo

Scenic , magic waterfront of Uruguay

Let's head somewhere sunny and laid back, Uruguay, still hidden in the shadow of Brazil and Argentina, slowly gaining the deserved attention and recognition. It's South America's smallest country, it won't be another touristy sightseeing, it will be the real life, with the only traffic jam there is , cow-and-gaucho, this tiny land does not have any time to make up something for visitors, they put a lot of effort in daily life, making the best out of it. So you will see it just as it is, natural, hard working and amazing. If you smart enough to see through the dirt road and not made for tourist moments, than you will succeed to see the true Uruguay, where people enjoy a high cultural level.

Uruguay will give you as many open air activities possible, from national passion for football to all kind of other sports, they love beef steak, so all the menus will be fulfilled with the famous "churrasco" and grilled beef, asado con cuero. Uruguay is perfect for countryside lovers, nature lovers, it's progressive, safe and culturally very sophisticated.

The capital and the pearl of the country with a beachfront is Montevideo, the cosmopolitan will spoil you with wild parties Punta del Este and picturesque views . Hot springs and the golden beaches along the Atlantic coast, or just ride a horse while watching the sun dipping in the breathtaking scenery…Nearly half of Uruguay's population calls Montevideo their home, it's vibrant and unique, wearing many faces, it can transform easily , from the cultural capital to a wild life...find which one suits you. For art lovers, one of elegant theatre will be enough , for younger, tango bars or modern beachfront here you will feel a very international atmosphere.

Montevideo is balancing between the past and present, waterfronts and coastline, you can not miss all that, otherwise you will miss the real Montevideo. Carrasco is the symbol of the high Montevideo society...running over 20 kilometers of can do all kinds of watersports in here, windsurfing, canoeing, kayaking, surfing or simply swimming. Enjoy!

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