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Copacabana in Brazil

Backyard of Rio de Janeiro

Brazil, for most of you will be familiar with the Carnivals , but it's so much more, adventures for budgets small or large. It's one the world's most captivating places, with so diverse landscapes and natural beauties, from wild rain forests to white sand beaches, from colonial towns frozen in time to most modern and vibrant metropolis, amazing waterfalls and tropical islands, that will make you wonder, why do people ever leave this place?!

Brazilians say about themselves that The God is Brazilian, to explain all the magnificent beauty going on all across the country, from cultural and natural treasures. Deus e Brasileiro. Even though , Sao Paulo is the capital, Rio de Janeiro somehow beats it up. It might be because of the carnival or the passion for football or maybe it's because Rio is the Cidade Maravilhosa. Beautiful coastline with spectacular beaches, the seafront is fulfilled with tiny little islands waiting to be explored, the backdrop is cinematic, so the adventures are outdoors. You can surf, hike or do rock climbing, swim or sail, Rio promises a lot of fun!

Rio Carnival is an important part of tourism in here, samba rhythms everywhere, colourful costums and sexy population, they know how to party. Lust for life is well known in this city, the Carnival of Rio is not the only celebration, soccer matches are famous, samba parties all over the town and of course the New Year's celebration comes Big.

Not to mention the symbol of Rio de Janeiro, the worldwide famous Copacabana beach, it's been that ways since early 1940's when everyone who was someone jetted down for the weekend parties in Copacabana. Later in 60's the bossa nova stars introduce this allure of party to the rest of the world. For the residents of Rio the Copacabana it's just a backyard, free for everyone, they would play volleyball and surf between snacking in the local bars and continuing with wild parties all night long.

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