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Eras and styles of Cairo

Mother of the World

Egypt, a marvelous place that is screaming to be discovered, in spite of social and political troubles, it keeps shining, I mean who doesn't have those turmoil nowadays? Egyptians are very proud of their culture and traditions, going hand in hand with those beliefs and the modernism that has boomed into the laid back country. Human kindness will be the first thing you will notice, they are willing to help and show the best there is. The sunsets and sunrises are breathtaking and even indescribable, how the sun rises and sets over the shimmering horizon of Egyptian desert.

In Egypt you will experience the values and honesty, the real laughter and love for life, being grateful of everything and anything you have, it seems like the citizens are counting their blessing, with a faith. Countless stories will be told in local bars and coffee shops, from wise men, there are many, the stories from the recent and glorious past that magically set long shadows over the present...They say. there are three reasons to visit this country, and those are pretty serious ones, the unconditional love of life, sense of family, the true one, and intensity of light that will be felt physically and mentally.

Cairo, well, there are more than just pyramids to see, no wonder the streets of this city , make look the others metropolis empty as ghost towns. Cairo is the perfect place to relax, discover and gain strengths, a city where two religions live friendly one next to the other, the Mother of the World.

Once you land, you will immediately be amazed by Cairo's past and present mixing up a marvelous aromas, the exceptional sport and charm will welcome you, willing to show off the most beautiful places in this city. Whether you walk or take a car through Cairo, you will pass by beautiful mosques and have an amazing view over pyramids of Giza, on the way of the 19th century palaces...Cairo is more than a city, it's a mix of eras and styles !

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