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Himalaya and Indian plains

Kathmandu, the best in Nepal

Nepal is one of still undiscovered treasures, it opened its borders for outsiders, for us, only back in 1950s, when this tiny mountain nation finally felt comfortable enough to represent its beauty to the rest of the world. It's in between the enormous wall of Himalaya and impressive, steamy jungles of Indian plains, it's a land of high mountains and mantras, fulfilled with good hearted people that with help you and welcome you in their land at any time, in any kind conditions.

Snow peaks and centuries old monasteries, bringing their past behind, are just a little part of this laid back world, where legends are still alive and where the most passionate trekkers come to climb the highest Everest, the Annapurnas and beyond. Find yourself a backpack, pair of socks, short, good pair of shoes and you are ready for Nepal's adventure! It has an incredible mountain scenery! Nepal is known as a nirvana for mountain lovers, after an impressive day somewhere between the clouds, you have a slice of hot apple pie, and you will know, Nepal was the best choice!

It's the best place, to feel your self close enough to the nature, if mountains are not your thing, but water is, here, Nepali river clear waters, canoeing, biking or just relaxing next to the backdrop of some of the world's most dramatic landscapes. Well, if that's too boring you, get into some action, enjoy Nepal's temples and ...tigers! That should pump up your blood pressure, one of the most beautiful medieval cities is Kathmandu, where Buddhist pilgrims and spiritual strolls are still around, just like they were centuries before.

Kathmandu Valley is fulfilled with gorgeous temples and history. You will marvell around the temples of Durbar Sq, to really soak up the atmosphere of the old town, get through the backstreets, where all the capital's cultural and artistic treasures are hiding. It's a heavenly place, from up there you will enjoy the scenery of chillies and rice fields, and teeny tiny hobbit sized houses and shops.

Kathmandu might be chaotic, traffic jammed city, but once you get around the corner, you will feel like a world away, it's so different than we are used to, it's intoxicating and amazing place, nobody knew, something like that still exists!

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