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Spectacular sunsets of Santorini

Lost continent of Atlantis

Let's travel to a country that's in very South of Europe, where summers are hot and dry and winters pleasantly mild, where the coastline is endless and the sun keeps bleaching the stunning ancient proofs. Greece. The fairy tale land, miles away, a world away, still laid back and incredibly charming. Greeks are one of the best ingredients in here, passionate about long chit-chats, good coffee, politics and strong feta cheese.This country trills with modern arts mixed with ancient and Byzantine eras museums, historical monuments and archeological wonders, the masterpieces that have inspired the modern culture all around the world.

Hot afternoon sun, blue skies, turquoise waters and white sun bleached houses, Greece will fulfill your senses of the real world in here, it's exactly like you have been imagining it, or even better. Flashes from the movie Mamma mia will come back, except the dancing people everywhere, you will find tranquil places to find your inner peace and also some of the wildest clubs in each island, especially Mykonos...Greeks have been famous through centuries for their great cuisine and excellent hospitality, they won't let you go, until they have feeded you well enough.

If you search for outstanding and unique beauty, Santorini is the place you should be visiting, enjoying breathtaking sunsets, all colours beaches, traditional white houses with balconies on every each of them , with view to the Volcano during the day and lively nightlife during the late hours. There are countless legends and myths going on about the Lost Atlantis, it's simply a wonderful island. Santorini's magical and metaphysical energy turns on from the moment that you step into this beautiful land, surrounded by steep cliffs and Volcano.

The sunsets are considered as the best, viewed from the Caldera,the colours will change from lilac to deep purple, when you can see as a backdrop to the volcano, and it really appears differently here than from anywhere else. Santorini used to be a round island until it sunk back in 15th Century, during an earthquake and volcano-outbreak, it saitson the underwater volcane, which is pretty rare in the world. People still believe that this island is a party of the legendary lost continent of Atlantis...

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