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Montevideo, the best waterfront

Residential beach suburbs

Uruguay has always been in the shadow of Brazil and Argentina, all definitely unmerited! This tiny country is extremely safe, progressive, stable and stunning! Being the smallest country of big South America, culturally very sophisticated, it's one lifetime's experience, these are real life's moments, without polished corners for tourists, pricey restaurants and fake kindness. It's more real than the true smiles and welcomes, that you will experience in here. Everything is as it is, elegant, small, great and beautiful, such as Montevideo's beachfront.

The busy cosmopolitan Montevideo is amazing, don't hesitate to dig deeper than to picturesque, watch the wildlife, the skies, fields, ocean and go horse riding, everything is special about this place, even magic. Montevideo is home to nearly half of the population, it's vibrant, rich of culture and very much alive. This eclectic place stretches 20 km from east to west, as they say, this city has many faces to show, the kind one, the industrial, the party one, downtown business district, art deco and the cultural one, you have to adventure each of them, as much as you can.

You will be amazed by the wide music and theater scenes that the city has to offer, elegant and cozy bars with all kind of music and dance, from tango to discos... The downtown is spectacular, with the old town gate, in between the port and walled colonial grid, plenty monuments and beautiful cafes, where you will be able to breath in the old town's charm and the best dining scenes. A nice walk to Plaza del Entrevero, Plaza Cagancha and the Intendencia, throwing you right back to the city's and country's history. Cerro de Montevideo is outstanding, it used to be the landmark for navigators, and still, it charms and views are breathtaking.

Than, once you are done with the main cultural objects of Montevideo, head to Punta del Este, you will have a time of your life, elegant seaside homes, beautiful beaches and yacht harbor, yes, it is the most expensive place in the country, but definitely worth it. Punta del Este is very diverse, with many Argentines and Brazilians, but still, its charm is simply and deeply, 100 percent Uruguay.

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