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Great artistic traditions

Enchanting seaside city, Barcelona

If you are thinking of fun vacation to go to, Barcelona won't let you down, it's the most eventful city in the Europe, it seems like there is never ending festa going on, a new club to attend, a new bar to discover, and bunch of history and great monuments behind all that beauty. Happy people, smiley faces, welcoming locals and over all, sun...never ending sun with a beach going hand by hand with it...they seem like inseparable couple. Marathons , exhibitions, concerts, anything you like ,BCN will take care of will be impressed!

Barcelona has been famous for its party reputation over the years, young people from all over the world are looking forward to visit this enchanting seaside city with a unique and very impressive drinking and dining scene. The food is simply exquisite, maybe because the seafood goods, you will pay little and eat like a king, their cuisine is a part of the long and celebrated tradition of Catalan cooking, do not miss that, you don't wanna miss that! Rich paella or basque-style tapas at the local bars, Galician seafood taverns, avant-garde foreigner restaurants and sinful chocolate shops, you won't be able to resist.

The art, well, that's another impressive story, wherever you go, BCN will show off its beauty on every corner of the city, its architectural treasures celebrates more than 2000 years history, hard work and incredible deep traditions, that are celebrated, carried and used until nowadays. Ancient city walls or stone corridors heading you to towering temple columns, Roman era Barcino or Gothic quarters. Beautiful plazas dating back in 14th century, stunning cathedrals, all fulfilled with visitors and locals, that's the Spain's beating heart. Of course you won't miss the hard work of Gaudi, Dali, Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro, their Catalan architectural's a mix between genius masterpieces of modern and past, working perfectly together.

Barcelona, well known for its limitless possibilities, chill out in one of the city's amazing terraces, wait for the sunset to impress you and accompany you with the glass of wine and rustic beachside. Once the dark has arrived, the life can begin, flamenco rhythms and jazz sounds will fulfill the city, once you are done with the bars,start to hit the wildest clubs in the city, you might see also the sunrise...that's the time when BCN gets a little bit calm, but not for long, it's all about never ending rhythm!

Some will start the morning jogging around this time along the beachside, some rushing to the work, and some, well some just chill while in holidays. BCN is quite simple, you live and enjoy, simple, the wine is good and cheap, the life is beautiful in here, it seems like a little paradise that can not be copied or forced in another place, it's simply unique.

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