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Budapest, often sad but confident city

Hot springs and never ending romance

Rich history, baroque and neo-gothic architecture, smell of paprika and goulash, taste of honey bread "Tokay", Princess Sissi, fabulous Parliament, magyar motives...Of course you guessed that it's all about the most dazzling pearl of the Danube - Budapest. It had been two separate cities previously: Buda and Pest, but gradually happened territorial unification of the them in one big Budapest. However, today it is possible to distinguish two historical parts: they are divided by the river Danube.

It takes long time to explore Budapest and every day you will find something new. There are a lot of attractions in the city and you have no chance to see them all in one day (even superficially). Just go out from your place and explore the city by your own. You will be surprised to notice how many interesting is escaped by the tourist routes.

Choose the direction, don't be hurry just take the pleasure walking down the streets, get lost, try to communicate with locals (if you will be lucky they will invite you to their houses and treat you delicious food as Hungarians are famous of their hospitality ), or just go to the market and buy special Hungarian sausage with red pepper or enter the restaurant and try traditional food (so delicious) and of course wine! The special spirit is everywhere.

A lot of sightseeings, monuments (first of all lions, which are protecting the city, by the way on one of the bridges you can find lions without the tongues, because the architect just forgot to make them), interesting buildings, bridges and of course beautiful Danube. After staying in this gorgeous city once you will want to turn back here again that's for sure.

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