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Parisian food, to die for!

Finest dining in the French capital

Paris is one of the rare capitals that has it all, the most romantic places, some of the best food scene, great arts, fashion borns here and of course a little of arrogance that comes with a package. This fairy like city has a lot to offer, for ages it has been the capital of love and romanticism, being one of Europe's most popular destinations, inspiration, nightlife and Eiffel Tower give it all a real taste of the best. French stil have kept their best traditions of great food and wine, which is an important aspect of their daily lives.

Well, good food and wine is not enough to make it as popular as it is, pretty big role in all this play Disneyland, 15 million visitors each year, the famous Louvre Museum, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and Versailles Palace...the list of things to do is long, but you dont have to necessarily do the classic stuff that every tourist plans to do, you can make it your very own Parisian experience. It's excellent if you have a friend that is from Paris,who could show you all the narrow streets with best croissant shops and you can experience the city with a baguette in your hands.

Getaway for a weekend from the daily routine back home could be just blessing, with careloess walks through some of the nicest parks, wandering around,have a beautiful view from the Eiffel tower, shop. Don't forget that Pris don't have to be an expensive adventure, there are countless guesthouses and hostels that will offer you incredible stay in the center of love.

The secret of French women to stay fit? Have no idea, how they do that , because there are so much delicious things, fulfilled with chocolate and butter, that we hardly can come back home with the same weight we have arrived...croissants, the golden French pastries, famous being one of the essential components of breakfast a la francaise, going perfectly together with great cappuccino. The whole dining in Paris is iconic, the word kitchen itself is cuisine, so you can imagine why is that, you can get to the cozy neighborhood bistro, cheese shops where every kind of fromage comes along with a great wine, bakeries or simply have a picnic overviewing the amazing Paris...

However, do not fall only for the stuff Must in Paris, make your own experience, go to the places unplanned, make new friends, who could show you not so touristy stuff, eat croissants, good ones and a lot of them, drink wine accompanied with great cheese and simply enjoy the France!

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