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Welcoming package of Tanzania's adventures

Characteristic warmth and politeness

If you want to travel back in time, Tanzania will be the best destination possible, snow capped Kilimanjaro, incredibly friendly people and fascinating mixture of cultures! It comes with in a package of idyllic beaches, coastal villages and tranquil islands, in few words, a paradise on earth.

When I say travel back in time, I mean it, see the days when East African coast was sultan's seat and where sunrises haven't changed with centuries, still remaining in pastel-colours, sail the turtles rolling among the beaches with powdery sand, dive into crystal clear waters and enjoy the paradisial scenery...

This country is a one chance experience to travel back in days when the sultans called the East African coast their seat, when trading network extended to Persia, when the white sand beaches made a perfect scenery together with the palm trees, they still do nowadays, take a moment and enjoy the beautiful panorama of turquoise sea. You can dive with colour fish and shoals, watch enormous turtles nesting, it's a whole natural world going on in Tanzania.

The people are golden in here, kind, welcoming and loving, you can not miss a chance to experience this beautiful nation, whether is a meal or traditional dance, or a simple chat, travel from one little village to another, discover how a piece of wood can be brought in live, carvers, see their amazing work result in local markets. Tanzanians are blessed with politeness, warmth and the beauty of their culture.

Overall, it's a country of safaris, so be prepared to get around the Serengeti plains. Leave your fancy dresses and makeup home, and not because who cares how you look, it's because you are about to discover a different world, where the real beauty will be seen around, with elephants pass by, where chimpanzees swing through the trees, where wildlife is the only thing you can care about. It will make you feel a better person, wiser and satisfied.

A boat going down the Rufiji River is needed to see another beauty of wild Tanzania, crocodiles and elephants living their lives in there, giraffes and lions passing by and a general day of survival will be live National Geographic straight to your eyes.

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