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Portugal, great food and idyllic scenery

Small but endlessly fascinating country

There are hundreds of beautiful cities around Europe, worth visiting, but there is one special, with laid back charm, still, hillsides overlooking the best spots of the country, Gothic cathedrals and colorful cityscape. Lisbon. The famous yellow tram city, the umbrellas floating in the streets, yet with half the fuss of other European capitals, it's Portugal's star destination.

Lisbon is also cultural center with majestic monasteries and huge museums, keeping all the past locked in giant walls...whispering the secrets of past centuries , waiting to be heard and listened. You will travel through time, it seems like not much has been changed in here, old quarters still the same, public baths, life gossip on every corner from the locals and some of the best bread and wine in tiny little patio restaurants...every step of Lisbon's life is accompanied with soft and melancholic singing, fado.

Escape the capital and see the laid back villages, with locals chasing thousands of ghosts of the past, remember that this country marks Iberian nation, with Moors, Celts, Romans and Christians living in it. Lose yourself in the corridors of Tomor, Belem or Batalha, enjoy the sunset of Evora and medieval town centers. This country is a nature's masterpiece, its beauty unfolds in all its startling variety

You haven't been to Portugal, if you haven't taste its cuisine, freshly baked bread, best of cheese and olives, red wine, seafood stew and smoked meats...Portuguese secret of cooking? The art of cooking simple, the result is delicious meals. It feels like heaven on earth, while enjoying exquisite meal, watching the richness and beauty of Portugal's bountiful coastline and fertile countryside and vineyards. It's a country that takes life easy, enjoys every single step and actually live very alive life.

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