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Positano, southern Italian holiday feel

Fashionable boutiques and cascade of sun

Do you know where Italian fashionistas used to shop for the latest bikini collections back in 60's imported from France? No, it wasn't Milan, it was in Positano, most of travellers have no idea where is that, it's Italy's Southern holiday place. Positano is located on the beautiful Amalfi coast, the most picturesque and photogenic town in here. It seems unreal once you are, you start to digest it only when you are gone, everything about it reminds you that this is the real Italian holiday charm, where kids are playing on the beach and where fashionistas from Milan are still checking out the boutiques, where fancy restaurants serve the best there is from Southern cuisine, where grannies eat gelato and watch the very vibrant life going by...

Positano has it all, beautiful steepy stacked houses, facades and peach pink colours, it's a magical place where you can enjoy the best of South Italy and find the long awaited peace. It's built vertically on the face of cliff, it started as a classic fishing village, which later in 1950's was discovered by famous writers and artists that were looking for that special, inspirational town...nowadays it has grown into one of Italy's most romantic and chic Southern destinations, with fashionable resorts and some of the best beaches. You will get confused from thousands of stairs that runs throughout the town, pastel coloured houses and flowers everywhere, that makes a perfect picturesque and scenery that won't stop you to capture.

Its name comes from the god of the sea, Poseidon, the village in Roman times was more like a storage for products that came from Capri island, as it's in the very centre of Amalfi coast, most of the towns around here were built in the middle ages, between the 15th and the 17th centuries, Positano became a rich trading port, later it became very popular for German and British tourists in 20th century, they found it very charming and ever since, the town was prospered as a very chic resort destination.

Use the millions of stairs, seriously, after the food you will taste in here, you will never ever want to leave. Positano is a place where eating well is a matter of course, it serves delicious but very simple food at the same time. It's mostly based on fresh fish from the doorstep, accompanied with fresh veg and tasteful wine. The quality will be high, the food super delicious and the service homy, cosy and lovely. People are welcoming, sometimes loud and very Italian, that's a pack of charm you can not refuse.

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