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Smooth chocolate and natural beauty

Swiss wonderland

Welcome to the Swiss world, we want to introduce you with multilingual nation, that has taken the best characteristics from their neighbors, being organized from Germans, being downhearted from Austrians, charms and cuisine from Italians and French. It's surrounded by worlds top countries, as it's an expensive country, take a ride to Germany and load your fridge for a week, want to get out for some while, go to Austria, well, I guess , don't have to point out the good stuff to do in Italy and France. Let's just face it, Swiss, they have a bloody good life.

For centuries it has been one of the most wealthy countries in the world, every city you travel to, you will see the magic, Alps everywhere, it's a harmonious tableau of amazing imagines. Head to the Zurich, which means too rich, and yes, it is, the financial engine of Switzerland's , it's a cold business capital. Sure, it's the money cattle of the whole nation, but it's also fun, it's vibrant and extremely trendy. Going out for drinks at the Zuri West, you will find the same lines of people as in Berlin's famous Prenzlauerberg. Give it a shot!

St Moritz will amaze you by its simpleness and natural beauty, you will want to have a romance in this city, it's official winter wonderland, famous between the celebrities, since 1864.. So fulfilled with luxury hotels, aquamarine lake, emerald forests and mountains all over, once you get to your destination St Moritz, you will see that's a million dollars town.

You will enjoy the cold but also a rich land that keeps tight its traditions, enjoy the ancient markets, diverse fairs and of course the capital Bern, with all kind of modern arts and beautiful Old town. Close your eyes and let this beautiful country guide you, have a liquor-soaked cherry cake and play a millionair, feels good, isn't?

This country will open your eyes to a true beauty, natural one, where cows are coming home in Valleys with a pleasant sound of bell jungle, where people live in peace, working but also resting, being very active in all kind of winter sports, such as skiing, snowboarding and hiking. This tiny country is landlocked , that has always been an extravagant stop of every Grand tour. It's actually an official place where winter tourism was born, there is no other place on earth where slideshows are so easy, experience the snow and get “dirty” with it, catch the little red train that will introduce you to medieval bridges, mountain spa waters and realize , that they live a damn good life in here!

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