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Turquoise seas and steamy Amazon

Exhilarating ride of Caracas in Venezuela

In a search of your next destination, it might be a winter break, well, if snow is not your best option, head to South America and give a chance to a land that is under visited by international travellers and you will discover a whole new paradise. The country has the longest stretch of Caribbean coastline, enjoy the tranquil turquoise seas and the steamy Amazon. In fact, the world's highest waterfall Angel Falls is located in Venezuela, 979m from the top of a tepui in Parque Nacional Canaima.

Mother nature has spoiled the country with great climate and incredible natural beauty, if you are looking for a real adventure and some extreme nerve tickling attractions, you are in the right place, some of the best scuba diving, kite surfing, windsurfing and hiking opportunities.

Once you get tired from the day-trips, which are by the way amazing, meaning that you can stay in the capital and travel around coming back at the same day, enjoy some of the pulsating salsa clubs, restaurants, the best of capital Caracas, which offers a wide choice of regional festivals. Caracas is vibrant and more than alive, this progressive city has more than four centuries history going on, you will feel it on every step you make. Beneath the glass skyscrapers, there is history buried, while everything else shows off the great modernism.

There is no other city like Caracas in the country, with such a cultural activity, world class museums and art exhibitions, it bursts from the events and thing to do, delicious cuisine and hubs like Las Mercedes. Nightlife is another great thing about the capital, it opens you a whole new window to die hard parties, from salsa to bar hoppers. Glitzy malls and sprawling street markets, sunny climate and tiny frogs everywhere, Caracas has this edgy southern charm, that makes you fall in love with it.

Eternal summer, that's how people describe this city, numerous islands scattered in the Caribbean Sea, being neighbours with beautiful countries such as Brazil , Colombia, Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago. Caracas is considered as one of the most modern capitals in Latin America, it has incredible traditional charm, world class restaurants, amazing art scene and crazy nightlife,everything seems to be in balance, don't hold back, be brave and live a dream in Venezuela.

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