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Hypnotic Matterhorn, Switzerland

Topographic perfection and bloody beauty

You might think that celebrating and planning snow season is way too early, but believe me , you won't be able to take a breath between autumn and Christmas that you will have to book your skiing resort. There is no better place to be than in beautiful Switzerland, where silk smooth chocolate and life time experience in stunning mountains takes over. You will be shocked arriving to the Zermatt, which is well known for skiing resort with bloody beautiful mountains and bunch of activities for singles, couples and families with kids.

Zermatt is home to the impressive and hypnotic mountain Matterhorn, 4478 m, it's a perfect, masterpiece of nature and moody, it might be pretty and pink, but then turn to be black and scary, it raises beautifully above the town, once you will see it, the whoops of joy will jump right out! It has been Switzerland's glitziest resort since the 19th Century, nowadays only the best come here, because there is quality and beauty in one, only if you accept the best of winter attractions. Hikers, skiers and mountaineers head in here, some enjoy the scenery, some the snow, and some, well, there are always fancy bars to entertain you, well designed , so sip a cup of hot chocolate and stare at the unfathomable monolith Matterhorn.

Zermatt is a tiny village in deepest Switzerland's Alps, where you can truly enjoy the incredible snowland, magicland , call it as you like, it will be anything but ordinary. The village is home to only 6000 Swiss, but able to fit 20000 guests during winter season. Mostly speaking German in here, because it's right on the foot of the mountain, in Southern of Switzerland, German speaking canton and only 10 kilometers away from Italy's border. What else could you wish for, Swiss beauty, German great life and Italian food, all within half an hour ride...great!

After a freezing day out in stunning mountains, head to Cervinia in Italy, spend afternoon in there, but by dinner be back in Zermatt, in one of the beautiful locals with fireplace and delicious cheese fondue, the Cafe Du Pont will be just perfect. Zermatt is home to the most beautiful mountain in the world with three main skiing resorts, you can choose between three paradises, the Rothorn paradise , the Gornergrat or the Klein Matterhorn...surfers will be impressed , countless snowboard parks and halfpipes, or just slope...there is everything you need for a perfect snow paradise getaway, renting a gear, the best equipment and professional training as well. Grab some warm clothes and be ready for mind blowing snow magic land!

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