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Endless contradictions of Sri Lanka

Colombo, the garden city of the East

There is always the best time to visit Sri Lanka, a land that has never ending sunshine, warm waters and killer surf available, welcoming people and over all the beauty it offers is lifetime experience. Comparing to other destinations, Sri Lanka is stunning for the best price possible, spectacular tea plantations, a paradise for trekkers and walkers, tropical climate and green charms. Apart of all that beauty that will take your breath away, there will be the beaches, but not any kind, stunning ones, no matter where you go, you will find yourself near a sandy gem.

There is no need for world class crowds in a place that's compared with world class sites, you can surf, dive and swim into a beautiful waters. In Sri Lanka you will see many legendary temples that shows off the markable past of the country, ancient sites of 2000 years , every single detail of its past is spectacular. Everything in here is easy and relaxing, distances of everything are short enough, see the sight of hundreds of elephants gathering, move to the beach and end up meditating in one of the oldest temples. You can visit the mellow villages, see the birds and wildflowers, having an exquisite meal in one of the local bars, hit epic surf and visit the capital Colombo.

Colombo is no longer just a sprawling capital, it has grown into a stylish cosmopolitan with countless galleries and museums, old quarters and great local food, this city could be a perfect start or finish for your Sri Lanka experience. It's called the Garden city of the East, Colombo has seafront benefits and glossy hotels, great markets and countless historical landmarks.

It wouldn't be a decent trip without discovering the traditional Must dishes, Sri Lanka has unique cuisine, Siu Seta Kalawa is recognized as one of the 64 types of art, curries and different spices, milk rice and special sweets with coconut milk...Mild, will be thrilled, it's absolutely delicious, Sri Lankan food culture's blessings and worships have also contributed to nourishment of the country's food habits.

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