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Oceania is a place filled with island cities that will help

you relax to the fullest. It is a sandy paradise and this is

the perfect time to visit. The temperatures are at their

warmest and you will enjoy lounging in the sun during the

day and cocktails at the nightclubs in the evening.


Sydney is a cosmopolitan world city surrounded by the

iconic beaches, World Heritage areas, lush hinterland and

acclaimed wine regions of the State of New South



There is much to love about Melbourne. Just ask the

locals. This sophisticated world city in the south-east

corner of mainland Australia inspires a deep passion in

those lucky enough to live here. They love its vibrant

energy, staggering choice of restaurants, funky

boutiques, café-filled laneways, cool bars, unbeatable

galleries, luscious parks and village-like inner suburbs,

each with its own special character.


Fresh experiences, fresh adventures and a fresh

approach to life: this is what Brisbane is all about. It's a

city where the air is filled with optimism and a sense of

adventure is heavy on the ground. You'll be amazed by

how much is happening here, and pleasantly surprised by

the open and friendly attitude of the locals.


Wherever you stay in Auckland, you're never far from

breathtaking scenery, beautiful beaches, invigorating

walks, idyllic holiday islands, outstanding food and wine,

great shopping and exciting nightlife.


Fiji is best known as a romantic destination where you

can relax on the beach by day and later enjoy cocktails

pondering over a stunning tropical sunset. However, few

realize quite how diverse and exciting the country is. The

dive sights are amongst the best in the world with soft

corals, incredible sea life, walls, drifts and shipwrecks to

explore. Sailors and surfers alike rave about the waters

and friendly local environment.


If you enjoy long relaxing walks along clean sandy

beaches, swimming in the surf on a warm sunny day, or

perhaps lazing on a beach towel while watching the world

go by, then a visit to the Sunset Coast in Perth is for you.

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