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Central America is a Tropical Paradise!! You will experience the exotic rainforests, the unique cultures and the beautiful beaches. Take it easy in this exotic land and experience a new world of foreign pleasures.

Mexico City

The bustling, modern Zócalo (main square), which sits cheek-by-jowl with 15th-century Aztec ruins
Art, everywhere—especially if you're a Diego or Frida fan
The traditional three-hour lunch, including tequila shots, is alive and well here


If you are searching for calm, peaceful days to enjoy the sun and the sand, Cancun boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. For those who go out more for daytime than night-time sports, Cancun, with its beaches of powdery coral sand, is the place to be. Cancun is a snorkel and scuba diving paradise, the lagoon enclosed by the -L- shape of the island, is ideal for sailing and water-skiing.

San Cristobal

San Cristobal de las Casas is on the Mayan trail that is mostly frequented by backpackers and those with plenty of time to explore Mexico. Other than that, it is the Indian heart of Chiapas, the locals are very friendly, the beautiful mountain scenery is unique, and it is a nice place to be when it is too hot elsewhere in Mexico.


From the splendor of the Ancient Mayas to the Spanish colonial era; the breathtaking scenery of mountains and lakes; the thriving and colorful culture of the actual indigenous peoples with their markets and unique lifestyle; the awe-inspiring monuments of the mysterious Maya civilization; there is no country in the world to our knowledge that has so much to offer the visitor in so small an area.


Presenting an adventurer's paradise, Belize: Mayan temples tower above rainforest canopies while an incredibly colorful array of marine wildlife find protection in Belize's Great Barrier Reef.

Costa Rica

Come and experience one of the most exotic and undiscovered vacation destinations in the world, boasting unsurpassed natural beauty and an impressive array of distinctions: towering and fiery volcanoes, pristine beaches, raging rivers, virgin rainforests, cloud forests, abundant wildlife, warm and hospitable people and much, much more!!


Panama has a wide range of tropical landscapes including pristine beaches, rain forests, cloud forests, over 900 species of birds, 1500 species of trees and over 7000 vascular plants. Without a doubt, Panama is a real tropical paradise for nature´s lovers and outdoor´s adventurers

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