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Argentina,formidable wanderlust cocktail

Elegant, seductive place with a ragged edge

Once you get to Buenos Aires in Argentina, it feels like you would jump on a moving train, traffic, angry taxi drivers who drive too fast and complain too much about government and the political chaos that has overtaken the country. If you manage to get out from the first Wrong impression of Buenos Aires, you will finally see it, the real charm and beauty of the capital, which has been inviting travelers from all over the world to enjoy, Tango, beef, futbol and the gauchos, which is more than just a cowboy. The real glimpse of the capital starts with purple jacaranda flowers on every corner of the sidewalk, the candy kiosks and inviting, cozy cafes.

Stone facades from the 20th Century and newspaper stands everywhere, the incredible culture that comes with it embraces you, throwing you back in time, when Tango was still Argentina's greatest contribution to the outside world. Tango is more than just a sensual dance, they say it's like making love in the vertical position, you will still see endless bars and cafes, where people are actually going just to dance tango.

Apart the confusion of government, Argentina seems to be the perfect place to live in, with bunch of great looking people, juicy grilled beef steaks, atmospheric cafes, and two passions, futbol and tango. Argentinians are very passionate about everything they do, they have an incredible culture, rich and edgy, a mix between Latin American and European, and no matter how hard you try there is no way you won’t fall in love with it.

Not only Buenos Aires is the stunner of the country, there is a lot more, Cordoba, Bariloche and Mendoza that will take your breath away, with their unique personalities and attractions, Iguazu Falls is the real dinamite of the country. It's a result of a volcanic eruption, 275 cascades spread in a horseshoe.

Argentina has the whole natural world going on, a vast of natural wonderland, deserts dotted with cacti, ice fields, Andean salt flats, incredible mountains...beautiful animals such as caimans, flamingos and penguins,it's full with incredible adventure that are waiting to be discovered by you, you will be amazed!

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