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Treasure beach and palms in Jamaica

Stunning landscape and influential culture

There might be the same sun shining, same sands and the exact same resort life, but Jamaica is so different from all the other Caribbean islands, culturally and historically, that it will seem a whole different world. The island has its unique and very special character, the best coffee growers come from the Blue Mountains, some of the best diving opportunities, Treasure beach with countless palms and turquoise waters, amazing fishing villages, waterfalls and cosmopolitan cities mixed with wetlands, where crocodiles and manatees are common "pets".

There is no other Caribbean country so connected to Africa as it is Jamaica, they are proud people with their own culture and stunning landscapes of their land, in fact, Kingston, Jamaica's capital was the major city in the New World that brought slaves from Africa. Kingston is vibrant and very alive city, being the heart of island's culture and economy.

Sure, there are some parts in Kingston to avoid, due to its high crime rate, but once you know which ones to avoid, you are safely prepared for a tour through stunning capital. Kingston is divided into two parts, the Uptown and Downtown, those two will never meet.

The Downtown is a magical place fulfilled with monuments and historic buildings, the greatest museums of Jamaica and chaotic street markets. The Uptown at the other hand is more for best hotels, restaurants and clubs, 6 km away from the Downtown. It's also called New Kingston, with tall buildings and very high security system, gated communities with guard dogs all around, making you feel extra safe.

Don't forget the the best coffee comes from Blue Mountain, which offers a very special climate to grow the best coffee, with just the right temperatures and rain at high altitudes, and the result is exquisite Blue Mountain Coffee.

Blue Mountain is the fifth largest mountain in Caribbean, rising up above Kingston, being home to world's best, and best known, single origin coffee grows. Even the best coffee drinkers haven't tasted the real Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, those ones who have tasted it, know that the coffee's origin makes a difference.

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