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Charm and diversity of Barcelona

Hard working and dynamic place

I doesn't take a genius to tell that one of the most popular European destinations is Barcelona, the hippest city in the world, with its busy port and beautiful Gaudi architecture, Barcelona forces you to fall in love with it. You won't resist its charm and diversity, it's set on a plain rising from the sea overlooking amazing range of wooded hills. Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, the Spanish in here is like British speaking English, it's charming and passionate, this region has its own language and character.

Catalans don't consider them like a part of Spain, they think of their land as a separate country, you will feel it once you get there, don't lose time, Barcelona will keep you busy in the center with thousands of things to do and to see, but there is a paradise outside, the beach side, which is packed with Catalans and tourists most of the time of the year.

Barcelona is Spain's most cosmopolitan, you will find everything in here, from great sandy beaches to amazing bars and nightclubs where you will experience on your own skin the fiesta time, which could happen every evening in here, they don't wait for the weekend to come, they live now and here!

It might seem that the citizens are too relaxed and overtaken with the siesta time, but the truth is that this city works damn hard t be on the top of the list! It's located directly on the northeastern Mediterranean coast of Spain, on every step leaving some marks of its rich history, they have been under Romans, and right before declaring its independence it was under Frank law. Barcelona first gained its popularity back in 1992 while hosting the Olympic games, that brought a massive upturn for its tourism industry, it fail since then, only raised...

What about the cuisine? Catalans just like any other Latin country take the act of eating very seriously, every meal is thinked through, prepared and organized with other family members, there is no such a thing, to grab a sandwich on the way to work or home, they talk, smell,taste the food, actually enjoying it!

The food is very strongly related to the social entertainment, it's mostly seafood, delicious and perfectly prepared. Excellent and traditional Catalan regional dishes will impress you, what makes it so special? The freshness and the quality of every dish that comes out from the local restaurant or cafe shops. The classic and very traditional dish is paella, a rice cooked with seafood ,pork or chicken, it will be always fresh and simply delicious!

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