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Snorting donkeys and sounds of guitar

Trinidad, wooden louvers and Italian frescoes

They say, that Cuba is like a prince dressed in poor man's coat, the country is real treasure, unfortunately badly controlled and ruled, located between the tropical hills and sparkling Caribbean sea, a pearl ,that waits to be discovered and truly taken care of. Trinidad was nominated by Unesco World Heritage Site, for the the best 19th century architectural and decorative wealth, and few more nominations, that puts it in a spotlight.

This year is an important one for Trinidad, it will be the 500th anniversary of the city's foundation by Spanish, Trinidad is the very extraordinary beauty result of the sugar boom from the 19th of Century. Afro Cuban dances, rhythms and rituals, that marks their culture and daily life. This beautiful town is situated on the Caribbean coast, with sandy beaches and many attractions to get lost in.

Some of Cuba's best preserved colonial architecture. This laid back town opens a window into past, with sparkling palaces and slave barracks from another era striking buildings, including the Museo Historico Municipal and the Museo de Arquitectura Trinitaria, which are situated at the main public square, Plaza Mayor.

Cuba is a beautiful place to get lost in time, been thrown back in old colonial times, you might wake up in your 200 years old hotel room, from the beautiful sound of horses clip-clops, and old man's cries, El Pan! selling fresh bread, that's how amazing is life in here...wooden louvers, glimpse of past, and at some point you will have to convince yourself that you still live in 21st century...

It seems that life in here is flowing slowly and easy, no stress, take it minute by minute and enjoy the Mildewed Magnificence... once you arrive to this country you will be shocked and amazed at the same time, it's rich culturally and surprisingly poor economically, it might seem infuriating but very uplifting at the same time, misunderstood at the most of the time but appreciated and very classic, give it a try, you will just love it!

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