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Andorra, nothing but skiing and shopping

Most dramatic scenery of the Pyrenees

Looking for the perfect vacation? Andorra might seem only for shopping and skiing, but it's not, there is so much more to see, to discover and to enjoy, just give it a try! Of course , the capital Andorra la Vella is exaggerated with the 200 shops for every 40 inhabitants, but why not, it's just another entertainment to add your holidays….this tiny country is squeezed between two great countries Spain and France, spoiling it a lot, giving Andorra a chance to be a nice getaway from those two crowded beauties, not that it's less amazing, just not that published ...

If Andorra La Vella is a place with fuming traffic and the only town in the country, by the way, Andorra is the most highest inhabited country in Europe. The country has been under Spanish and French control several times,when they finally fought their independence and became an independent state with an area of 468 km2 and more than a thousand years of history in the southeast of Europe, between Spain and France.

The country of the Pyrenees offers an amazing ski resorts, some of the best in Europe, the best ski resorts and great shops with low taxes, they are keeping their own way of dressing in here, you might also get some dressing tips from them.

If a particular trip is what you are looking for, Andorra will satisfy your wishes, it's a land of narrow valleys and mountainous landscapes, with pretty villages and hamlets, Romanesque churches are spread all over the tiny country, and all the houses are build in one local style. If stunning nature is too much for you, move to the capital, that will offer you traffic jams and a bit of chaos, squeezed within the Riu Gran Valley, Andorra la Vella is small but extremely welcoming and fulfilled with luxury goods.

For the nature lovers, this country will be a perfect getaway, 90 percent of the land is covered by forest, and each year it receives about 8 million visitors. The food in this country is perfect for those ones, willing to watch their figure, they eat healthy, traditional is escudella, a soup of veal, chicken, veg and potatoes.

The interesting fact is that most of the Catholic families in Andorra still avoid to eat meat on Fridays...Andorra is on your way to Spain or France, so don't miss it, it might surprise you, whatever is that you are looking for, a wild ski resort with too many drinks after, or a peace at some of the nature's best masterpieces, Andorra will be there to serve you.

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