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Saudi Arabia, the forbidden Kingdom

The Empty Quarter, the largest sea of sand

A country that was forbidden for the rest of the world for centuries, where available for only the bravest and the boldest ones. the Middle East , home to Islam and oil, for some who live in their own imagination world, also for terrorism, who still relish the sensational stories surrounding it...only few have discovered the uniqueness and the beauty of Middle East.

This country will positively surprise you, which is home to the largest sea of sand on the planet, the Empty Quarter, home to one of the world's most beautiful animals, the Arabian oryx, it's a place where palm plantations seems to go on forever,and the hospitality of people in here are just like that sand in Empty Quarter...seems like it will never end. The top four destinations in Saudi Arabia are Riyadh, Mecca, Jeddah and Medina.

Jeddah in all centuries has been the commercial capital of the country, the heart of Old Jeddah and most importantly, the nostalgic testament to the bygone days of old's easygoing and amazing to enjoy the real taste of Middle east life. Riyadh unlike other cities in this country is one of the wealthiest, it's not just the center of politics, finance and administration, it's a city with a fascinating subtext, you will nowhere in the world experience the contradictions of modern Saudi more evident than in Riyadh.

It's towers and skyscrapers, you will see from far away, sparkling, soaring and stunning modern buildings, that rises above the dusty deserts, the city is conservative as well, full of beautiful sights, best hotels and finest restaurants.

Medina and Mecca are the holy cities for Muslim, Mecca was Prophet Muhammad's birthplace, 'Sacred Mosque', Medina is the city, where his tomb is buried, Muslims pray in the direction of Mecca and the Ka'bah. However, this country gives you a diversity of choice, you see what suits you the most, and go for it, get yourself the greatest vacation to the forbidden Kingdom of Middle East.

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