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Argigento, Tempio di Giove

Built for eternity but feasted as if there were no tomorrow

One of the most breathtaking destination in Italy is the city of Agrigento, in Sicily. Established by Greeks with the name of Akragas, the city flourished, becoming one of the richest and most famous colonies of Magna Graecia. The city was surrounded by a wall that was composed, in one side, by a peak on which stood an acropolis, and on the southern part of the city, on another peak, stood and still stand a series of Doric Temples, that today compose the most amazing group of Greek ruins outside Greece.

The "Valle dei Templi", as it's called today, is divided in two: the western and eastern zone. The most architecturally impressive of the in the eastern, so a visitor should start on the western zone, where the largest temple known is placed, but in ruins. The "Tempio di Giove" was never completed, plus was left in pieces by earthquakes and Carthaginians, so all we can see are the ruins. Over there one can also see the "Giardino Kolymbetra", a charming garden with known local plants like olive trees, citrus and almonds.

On the eastern zone you will see the most beautiful temples you could imagine, and some of them unbelievably well preserved. There's the Temple of Hercules, which some columns were re erected, but the rest is all scattered around, making a huddle of ruins very cool to walk through. The Temple of Hera is a half preserved, and the "Tempio della Concordia" is perfectly preserved blending well with the view of the city and sea.

The area has a very local atmosphere, composed with local flora, the golden sand on the floor, and the same colour on the columns, making the visitors feel like they are really on Akragas. Agrigento is one of the most beautiful destinations in Italy.

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