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Cyprus sold soul

Home of Aphrodite goddess

Cyprus is the Mediterranean island that crossroads to three continents, you will never get tired of discovering Cyprus, the sun is always there and West meets East, where georges beaches invites you every day, where mountain trails lie all around and luxury places are waiting to be discovered. Wrapped in between three countries Syria, Turkey and Lebanon, Cyprus is the center pearl of all, where people going to have great time and paradisaical getaway. Cyprus will surprise you with its international atmosphere, culturally influenced by Western Europe, Asia and Africa.

You are wrong thinking that's more like Turkey or other country near by , Cyprus has its own definite and beguiling character, known as island of sin or fun, you have definitely heard about the wild experience and stories that visitors are spreading around. The island of Aphrodite promises a lot of fun and no peace at all, they say that the island's soul has been sold , or even better it has become wealthy's up to you where to go, would you rather get wild in the party towns or get to the small villages of the Akamas Peninsula, quietly enjoying the heavenly golden beaches .

Medieval castles, never ending sun and shimmering island views will make you stay longer or definitely come back next year, there is nothing to not love about Cyprus. The spring is the best time to head to the island, with wildflowers blossoming, and wrapping the blue waters into its yellow storm. There is no need for big suitcases and outfits, all you need is a bikini g, good pair of shoes and sunscreen...the rest is thinked through...

Let's get to the legend of Aphrodite, which was born in Petra tou Romiou, meaning, the Rock of the Greek, she is the goddess of love and fertility, she was born from the waves on the site off the coast of Cyprus. They say that when waves ruse, breaking and forming a column of water that dissolves into a pillar of foam, this moment is like an ephemeral, evanescent human shape, that for some might seem like the goddess Aphrodite's appearance .

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