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Thailand, neverending paradise

Finest beaches, lush jungle and twisted rocks

Thailand occupies a part of Malay Peninsula in Asia and half of the Indochinese peninsula, neighbours with Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia. Lush jungle, twisted rocks, finest beaches and countless temples, Thailand is full of tourist attractions, from freaky sneak farms to scuba diving. You won't get bored in here, too excited to do that, Samui Big Buddha is the most popular of all, being 15 meters tall , built back in 1972, every single day thousands of people come to pray , paying their respect to the Lord Buddha. Not to mention the world wide famous Namuang Waterfall, 18 meters high, located in Nathon Town...

Thailand will be your perfect holiday getaway, whether you are looking forward to chill out in neverending paradise or visiting temples and cultural parts of the country, Thailand has enough to offer for every taste. Thailand offers more than 1000 miles of coastline, but sandy beaches is not everything you can experience, Thai massage is one of the main requested attractions in this country, heavenly land of spas, Phuket is the best place to experience of the professional goddess touch, Thai women, kneading those overworked will find other tourists lying flat out on comfortable mats, greatly stretched into different shapes. Every single one of you will fall into ecstasy...

Wherever is your accommodation in Phuket, you will always be a stone thrown away from the beach and the best places in the largest island of the countryl. It's only about 50 km long , so everything you need, best restaurants, beaches, spas and entertainment is there, right in the center which pretty much is all that there is.

If you are staying for few weeks, day trips are needed, one of the best places to go, is the Koh Maphrao Coconut island, located only 500 m off Phuket's east coast, it faces the Leam Hin, which is the most popular seafood dining area. You will truly enjoy the laid back atmosphere, in most parts of the tiny island there is no electricity, just in some private parts, so romantic candle light suppers are guaranteed!

City: Phuket
Country: Thailand
Published on 13-Feb-2014
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