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Backpacker Hostel San Cristóbal de Las Casas

Chiapas - Mexico

The Backpackers Hostel is well adapted to respond to all travelers needs.

This colonial hostel close to downtown offers dormitories as well as semi private and
private rooms, all at a bargain price.

A new full equiped kitchen and dinning tables
are at the disposition of every resident of the hostel. Moreover, a complete
breakfast is served for free each morning. The Internet connection, hot water and TV
room are also included in the stay price.

Who is looking to learn Mexican culture
can also enjoy the regular salsa lessons at night as the numerous tours to
Guatemala, nature´s beauties and traditional towns proposed at a cheap price.

The indoor and outdoor commun areas and the well-knows bonfire at night really make the
Backpackers an hostel for who is seeking a relaxing, friendly and enjoyable stay.

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