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While the rest of the world is terrified from the upcoming winter, praying all gods that it wouldn't come at all, Swedes celebrates the cold. As everything in world should be lived and celebrated, only finding positive in anything we can, will make this life worth living. Swedes also this year will show the world how to throw a white snow party, largest in Europe. The Kiruna Snow Festival arrives annually at the end of January, this year at the 22nd of January lasting 4 days.

Kiruna city is located in the very northern part of Sweden, above the Arctic Circle, so prepare yourself with the warmest clothes you can possibly find, this festival will be perfect for those ones willing get an escape to the winter! This festival is a part of Sami people traditions, that dates back in at least 6000 years ago, when they inhabited the area, many festivals keeps their tradition such as dog and reindeer sled racing.

Over the years the Kiruna Snow Festival has gain a lot lot of popularity also from the foreigner visitors, now attracting teams of artists and tourists from around the world, being brave and coming to experience the best of all cold experiences. The city is provides a very spectacular scenery , with daily events, including skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and snowmobile displays. Those ones willing to skate, the River Torne freezes over and offers a natural ice skating rink.

The most beloved one is snow sculpting contest with the upcoming launch of the Viking satellite. Here is some more magical snow experience, an icehotel, being world's first and largest hotel built of snow and ice each autumn in the nearby town of Jukkasjarvi, the hotel attracts tourists from all over the world, seeking to take this life time , unforgettable experience.

The rooms are changing every year, cos the designers are changed each year, you will see a variety of majestic-looking rooms, complete with a church and ICEBAR. The cold you can kill with cold, check-in into an ice hotel and sip a cocktail in an ice bar, or great entertainment, be brave this year and head to Sweden's north and see what people living there have to deal with.

Photo of Between blue water and bluer skies, Stockholm

Between blue water and bluer skies

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