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Florida, place that captures the imagination

Paradise, disturbed by Miamis condos

Feeling like you had enough of snow and cold? Disney described this city as place that captures imagination, and he was right, from the very beginning Spanish explorers wanted Florida to be their so bad, they saw manatees and imagined mermaids, after they have seen Florida's demons and sold it as paradise to Americans...Florida seems to be a paradise on earth and truly is, it just has its flows as everyone.

The landscape of Florida seems to invite exaggeration, in a past it had so much madness, pain and murder but it also was magical kingdom, where dreams really came true, so if you have a chance, visit this magical land that never fails to overwhelm. You might get distracted by Miami's high condos that block the view over the beautiful beaches of Florida, you might get scared of alligators and mosquitos, lazy people, but it's not their fault , you know, there is something in the air, the humidity drives everyone crazy, also the alligators...

One moment you might feel like Alice in Sweet Wonderland, the seaside paradise will let your imagination go on, this paradise might get unstable but never to be forgotten, it gets under your skin and you will love it. Miami Beach, Palm Beach, Key West, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando with Disneyland, which is obviously Florida's most popular spot. The MAgic Kingdom was the first theme park at Disney World, opened back in 1st of October 1971!

Florida has always been a charmer, desire for explorers and countries, its paradisal look might cheat, but if you work on it, you can twist the cheat and fall in love with this beautiful land. Florida has increased an incredible growth, being an international city that has both, great energy and hungry edge of the Caribbean. This land has never ending summers and attractions that you won't find anywhere else in the world, you will just love the variety of this magical place that's simply unique. Whether you come for , to see Mickey Mouse, to see splendid beaches or wild nightlife, it doesn't matter, the main thing, you have to come and see the hidden magic that Florida keeps for centuries...

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