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Once all the festivals and celebrations are over, the only last thing can empty wallet even more and fulfil your heart, is shopping with the best sells. London is the perfect place to do that, with a sale that actually is real, all they want to empty the shops from the old collections and old year...It starts right after christmas and lasts until the end of January, with the best areas to shop such as Oxford Street, with some of the major department stores and a couple of the big shopping malls, it's actually a shopping heart of the capital.

Oxford street will make your head spin, not knowing which shop to start with, all the major high street labels including the flagship Topshop, Primark and Niketown. This period is called the Boxing days, where you have to fight for the last best pieces of your favorite clothes, is really great, leave your other halfs home, cos they won't help to get the best pieces in shortest time, they will wyne and willing to get away.

During this time the local shops will promise you plenty of special offers for bargain hunting shoppers, it's a great excuse to spend your Christmas money and a great stimulation to lose the Christmas belly you have gained. Another popular is the Westfield London January sale features special offers at popular stores such as French Connection, Karen Millen and Twenty Twelve, all you want from trousers and coats to books and lingerie.

So, it's time to catch a cheap flight and head to London, hitting the shops and see what the Boxing Day sales are really about ... forget the Christmas and the shopping stress, its all about you and the bargains now. Whenever you are , go to London, is the best place possible for the cheapest and the best shopping, where sales are real, get your wallet and some serious after holiday therapy.

Photo of Effortlessly good looking panoramas, London

Effortlessly good looking panoramas

London, urban dynamism and gorgeous perspective, by staff

England has a long and very interesting history that through centuries has grown into an amazing, green and pleasant land to live in or to visit. The weather might not be the best, but somehow it's a ... CITY LIVE in London, England [ Book Hostels in London ]

Photo of England, antiquity and historic splendor, London

England, antiquity and historic splendor

Culinary capital of the world, London, by staff

If you fancy green lands and tea drinking ritual, which seems impossible to skip while living in this country, than you should definitely pack your stuff, throw some extra umbrellas and head to magnif... CITY LIVE in London, England [ Book Hostels in London ]

Photo of London, Immersed in history, London

London, Immersed in history

Antiquity and historic splendor, by staff

London is one of the most popular cities for tourists in the world. and by far the biggest city in Europe. London is alive day and night. Whatever you like, London has attraction to everybody. With mo... CITY LIVE in London, England [ Book Hostels in London ]

Photo of Londoners, fiercely independent thinkers , London

Londoners, fiercely independent thinkers

Historic splendor that will blow you away, by staff

London is the largest city in Europe, and one of the best destinations of all the times, a capital that's a dream come true to most of the people from all over the world, it seems like a hippy that is... CITY LIVE in London, England [ Book Hostels in London ]

Photo of Santa Claus Run, London, London

Santa Claus Run, London

Red and White bearded runners, by staff

December is not far away, and so is Christmas, long awaited stress event that will set your nerves on fire, but English have always known how to take a joke out of it. And here it is, Santa Claus Run ... EVENTS in London, England [ Book Hostels in London ]

Photo of Clink78 Hostel, London

Clink78 Hostel

London, England, by staff

Located in the heart of London, Clink 78 hostel is fun, friendly and very stylish, which is impossible to avoid. It's set in an elegant and bold interior design Victorian architecture masterpiece, whi... SELECTED HOSTELS in London, England [ Book Hostels in London ]

Photo of London for Free, London

London for Free

What you can do on budget, by staff

Among the infinite things to do and see in London, one of the most visited cities in the world, there is a place for who doesn't want to spend a single penny. I mean, there is a lot of places! Galleri... CITY LIVE in London, England [ Book Hostels in London ]

Photo of London's Fashion Week , London

London's Fashion Week

Creatively through a static installation, by staff

The attention for the Royal baby "boom" has calmed down, and London can again be itself, doing the things it used to do, being again the capital of all the greatest capitals in the world...London ha i... EVENTS in London, England [ Book Hostels in London ]

Photo of English afternoon tea, London, London

English afternoon tea, London

Pleasing every member of a hungry family, by staff

London has never suffered from crisis in tourism and definitely not this year, when the royal baby was born, is still one of the largest urban areas in entire Europe, it's a city where Olympic games a... DESTINATIONS in London, England [ Book Hostels in London ]

Photo of London, Beatles style, London

London, Beatles style

Place of birth for many rock stars, by staff

here are so many things to see and to do in London, that anyone can be pleased with a stay in this capital. If you are a rock'n'roll lover, here are the most important spots you can't miss. The place ... EVENTS in London, England [ Book Hostels in London ]

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