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Primer Bany de L'Any

Sant Sebastian Beach, Barcelona

Okay, we all know that Spanish are the first up to the Festa, there is no need for particular occasion or reason, but if they have one, they will party even harder. If most of the world celebrates hard the last day of the year, and next day is usually heavy hangovers and eating all they long and going back to sleep, Spanish continue the celebration even with more enthusiasm. The first of January annually has become the Primer Bany de L'Any, that mean the first swim of new year's. It's when all the citizens of Barcelona head to the Sant Sebastian Beach in front of the Club Natacio Atletic in Barceloneta, throwing themselves into the very cool water, celebrating the new year!

It has become an annual tradition, that has been going on for almost 100 years, Catalans know exactly how to celebrate and party hard, it seems like they are never tired, never exhausted or busy… But remember this tradition is only for the brave hearts, that has no fear of cold winter
water of Barcelona. This is a funny and very unique way to celebrate the January first, you don't have to participate, just be there and see how 400 crazy bathers throw themselves in the water, it's totally free to attend and to participate.

Choose this year to celebrate in chilly way the first of the year, 'Primer Bany de l'Any this year will have its 17th official edition, of course this has been going on for more than that! Barceloneta is a place next to the Sant Sebastian Beach, in a front of the Club Natacio Atletic, the sea temperature will be around 14 C, and the air temperature depends of mother nature, usually with sun it goes up to 18 degrees.

If you are planning to spend this year's holiday season in Barcelona, remember that the chances of having white Christmas in here are pretty slim, the best new years celebration is guaranteed. Whether you are traveling with bunch of crazy friends who are willing to take this chance and throw themselves in cold Barcelona's water, or you are tranquil traveller with kids, just have a look at the Primer Bany de L'Any, first swim of the year, you will have a good laugh, and afterwards have a great meal with warm drinks in one of Barcelona’s best restaurants or simply take a walk on the beach.

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