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Haven't decided yet where to go and with who to celebrate the new beginning of the 2014?

New Years Eve is celebrated world-wide by all people, doesn't matter of their nationality or their religion. We are all waiting for this special night and carefully preparing for it..Japan is a country without exception, specially Tokyo is a great city to be at New Year's.

So, if you decide to celebrate it in Tokyo, here are some advices and tips what to do and where to go. Anyway, you will find crowds with people doing hatsumode, which is the first visit to a shrine or temple, there is a festival atmosphere and celebration held in almost every single shrine or temple in Japan. You will experience a great time, with food, drinks, many people will line up for the prayer in the main hall.

Shogatso or Oshogatsu , which is the New Years, is the most important celebration in Japan, they know how to celebrate, so they shut the shops down until the third of January. All the families and the friends are gathering and spending this time as much as they can together. We all know that it's a celebration of a new start, new thoughts, ideas and hopes, for better life...Japanese are purchasing lucky charms for a fortunate new year, as most of the countries do.

In Tokyo everything has stated already, so make sure you don't miss that if your plan was to visit the magical metropolis, the city is jumping with loads of fireworks, dancing and singing. If you want to get closer to Japanese culture, you should know that they eat Toshikoshi Soba, a New Years Eve Noodle and listening to the Juya No Kane, The Watch-Night Bell. By the way, the Noodle symbolizes long and healthy life being long:)

So Happy New Year 2014

Photo of Japan, goddess of sun, Tokyo

Japan, goddess of sun

Best capital to live in, Tokyo, by staff

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Photo of Eastern Capital Tokyo, Tokyo

Eastern Capital Tokyo

Infinite quality, by staff

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Photo of Christmas in Tokyo, Tokyo

Christmas in Tokyo

Buddhist monk as a Japanese Santa Claus, by staff

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Photo of Japanese traditions and passions, Tokyo

Japanese traditions and passions

Blossom of unique civilization, by staff

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Photo of There is no other city like Tokyo, Tokyo

There is no other city like Tokyo

Coming of Age Day, by staff

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Photo of Sakura hostel Asakusa, Tokyo

Sakura hostel Asakusa

Tokyo, Japan, by staff

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Photo of Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museums, Tokyo

Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museums

Glimpse of life of old Edo, by staff

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Photo of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Tokyo

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Tokyo, with passion for everything new, by staff

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Photo of Tokyo fashion is religion,, Tokyo

Tokyo fashion is religion,

Japan capital incredible city, by Mario Gallo

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Photo of Catwalks in Tokyo, Tokyo

Catwalks in Tokyo

Passion for Fashion, by staff

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