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Oil, Political style and beauty contests

Venezuela, Caracas and Angel Falls

When we hear about South America, first thought goes to highly passionate people, tango moves and spicy food. While every single country in this continent is famous for Machu Picchu or the colorful carnival in Rio, Venezuela is famous for oil, its president's political style, and occasional winning awards in beauty contests, a country where you will experience so much more than those rumours it seems to be famous for.

Andean peaks, is the longest stretch of Caribbean coastline ever found in any other single nation, it's bordered by Colombia and Brazil, a lot of mountains that embrace Venezuela also divides the country in four areas, Maracaibo lowlands, Orinoco basin, the mountainous region and the Guiana Highlands. It's also home to the world's highest waterfall Angel Falls, all those nature facilities country has, mountains, seaside, waterfalls, gives a great opportunity to citizens and travellers to hike, snorkel, kit surfing, scuba diving, windsurfing and so much more.

Countless explorers passed by the land, back in 1498 Columbus discovered Venezuela, later on Spanish explorer gave it name, the meaning of it was Little Venice, that time the land was inhabited by Arawak, Carib and Chibcha Indians. Consider, that Venezuela was one of the first colonies in South America to win the independence in 1821, and it became a republic in 1830.

Caracas is countries vibrant and very alive capital, being a center of commerce, economics and culture, the base of country’s attraction. It might be noisy and a bit of edgy, but what could you possibly expect from a city with millions of inhabitants, boasting the parks with great waterfall and countless tropical plants, most of the parts in Venezuela are paradisical. The country is so rich with oil that some would mistaken it for an oil rich Arabian country, in matter of fact sometimes engineers making mistake search the oil in wrong places, but as the country is so filled with it, they would end up finding oil anyway.

Venezuela will bless you with good weather, which can be only wet or dry, there are basically two seasons only, the temperature is mostly 27 degrees, it's simply unique with everything, whether you get bored with the city, you can always go on the beach, or go to one of the greatest restaurants to enjoy great seafood.

The cuisine in Venezuela has a lot of European influences, gained by centuries, especially Spanish, Italian and French, in one word , the best cuisines in the world come together in one, but it has its own flavour, quite unique one, even if each region has its own original way of cooking. If you choose dining on the coast, you will find high quality fish and shellfish, fish soups and fish stews, everything is about the fish :) And the sweet sweet coconut which is a part of many dishes, also deserts, a lot of fresh tropical fruits. You can not avoid beautiful Venezuela, which has its unique charm and marvel.

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